Mobile Robotics: Mathematics, Models, and Methods : mathematics, models, and methods

Mobile Robotics offers comprehensive coverage of the essentials of the field suitable for both students and practitioners. Adapted from Alonzo Kelly’sgraduate and undergraduate courses, the content of the book reflectscurrent approaches to developing effective mobile robots. Professor Kelly adapts principles and techniques from the fields of mathematics, physics,and numerical methods to present a consistent framework in a notation that facilitates learning and highlights relationships between topics. This text was developed specifically to be accessible to senior level under- graduates in engineering and computer science, and in- cludes supporting exercises to reinforce the lessons of each section . Practitioners will value Kelly’s perspectives on practical applications of thes prin- ciples. Complex subjects are reduced to implementable algorithms extracted from real systems wherever possible, to enhance the real – world relevance of the text.

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Pengarang : Alonzo Kelly
Penerbit : cambridge university press
ISBN : 978-1107031159
Call Number : 629.893 2/ALO/m