Mobile Multimedia Broadcasting Standards: Technology and Practice

Mobile multimedia broadcasting compasses a broad range of topics including radio propagation, modulation and demodulation, error control, signal compression and coding, transport and time slicing, system on chip real-time implementation in ha- ware, software and system levels. The major goal of this technology is to bring multimedia enriched contents to handheld devices such as mobile phones, portable digital assistants, and media players through radio transmission or internet pro- col (IP) based broadband networks. Research and development of mobile multi- dia broadcasting technologies are now explosively growing and regarded as new killer applications. A number of mobile multimedia broadcasting standards related to transmission, compression and multiplexing now coexist and are being ext- sively further developed. The development and implementation of mobile multi- dia broadcasting systems are very challenging tasks and require the huge efforts of the related industry, research and regulatory authorities so as to bring the success. From an implementation design and engineering practice point of view, this book aims to be the ?rst single volume to provide a comprehensive and highly coherent treatment for multiple standards of mobile multimedia broadcasting by covering basic principles, algorithms, design trade-off, and well-compared implementation system examples. This book is organized into 4 parts with 22 chapters. (multimedia)


Pengarang : Fa-Long Luo (editor)
Penerbit : Springer
ISBN : 978-1441946126
Call Number : 621.384 LUO m